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Mobile Device Management (MDM) on SAP Afaria is a cloud-based platform that secures, monitors, manages and deploys over-the-air (OTA) mobile data, applications and services to all types of mobile devices across the organisation, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and computers. This applies to both company-owned and employee-owned devices.

Features & Benefits

MDM on SAP Afaria allows enterprises to:

  • Remotely manage mobile devices over-the-air (OTA).
  • Audit device contents.
  • Keep devices up to date.
  • Install new applications or remove unwanted programmes.
  • Configure email accounts.
  • Lock the device remotely and erase all user data if it is lost or stolen.
  • Secure devices with local password protection and data encryption on the device.
  • Set Corporate Policies.

With MDM on SAP Afaria, enterprises can enjoy:

  • Reduced costs and complexity of managing mobile devices.
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Instant installations of softwares and applications on thousands of devices within minutes, anywhere in the world.
  • Over-the-air queries and diagnosis to effectively resolve issues.
  • Absolute security with only the latest softwares and applications used.

Rates & Subscription

MDM on SAP Afaria is charged based on the number of users, licensed-based, on a monthly basis.

Eligibility, Package Offer and Subscribing Method

MDM on SAP Afaria is available for subscription at RM15 per month per device.
Please contact your dedicated Account Manager to subscribe to MDM on SAP Afaria.
All Celcom Enterprise Postpaid subscribers including subscribers from other telcos for example DiGi, Maxis and U Mobile.
No, there is no minimum number of subscriptions required.
An upfront 1-time set-up fee applies and is non-refundable in the event of early termination. Upon the receipt of this upfront payment, a team of consultants will be dispatched to the customer’s premise to implement the connectivity of corporate back end system and solution.
Yes, a two (2) year contract applies to each of MDM on SAP Afaria user license subscription.
The penalty fee will be calculated based on the monthly licensing fee charged, multiplied by the remaining months of the contract period.
Yes, MDM on SAP Afaria can be subscribed as a standalone product, but only applicable for existing PortaBiz on SAP Mobility customers.

Eligibility, Package Offer and Subscribing Method

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and this is a widely used, accepted phrase referring to employees who bring their own computing devices, for example, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, to their workplace for use and connectivity to the enterprise network.
Celcom is offering the cloud-based solution where the hardware is hosted on the cloud and only a minimal integration with the customer’s network is required.
Celcom will push an SMS or e-mail URL out to the user’s device, the user simply needs to click on this link and enter their enrolment password. It is to note that devices on Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry and Android operating systems will require software installation during the enrolment process.

Some examples include:

  • Time-based access policy for personal apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and others.
  • Controls and blocks Bluetooth, camera, Wi-Fi and other network security settings.
  • Segregate blacklist and whitelist websites.

MDM on SAP Afaria helps to ensure that the corporate data on the mobile device is kept safe and in the event if the mobile device is lost or stolen, MDM on SAP Afaria can:

  • Lock and wipe all the date in the mobile device.
  • Restore devices to factory settings.
  • Wipe sensitive data from compromised mobile devices.
MDM on SAP Afaria supports mobile devices that are running on Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian.
Yes, MDM on SAP Afaria can remotely disable the camera, WiFi, Bluetooth.
No, MDM on SAP Afaria is unable to trace the lost or stolen devices.
Applications like Facebook is considered a personal application and can be blocked throughout office hours using MDM to ensure employees’ productivity is optimised.
The IT administrator will be notified through the MDM on SAP Afaria console as soon as an unauthorised application is downloaded on a mobile device.
No, MDM on SAP Afaria works only when there is Internet connection.
On iOS5 devices, we can remotely turn off Voice and Data roaming. We can receive alerts when other devices are roaming. On other devices, we can pull a report to show devices that are currently roaming, and send a message to the device via MDM on SAP Afaria informing the user of roaming costs and how to disable data roaming.
No, the contents on the device cannot be backed up via MDM on SAP Afaria. BES can do this, so can iCloud and Google Sync on Android. MDM on SAP Afaria provides visibility and some governance of these devices.
Yes, App catalogues can be pushed to iOS and Android devices. This list of applications can be customised to your needs. Celcom can also make recommendations on applications, as Celcom have a good understanding of productivity apps for each industry segment. App catalogues can also display internal applications that the customer wants to distribute to groups of users.

Help & Support

Celcom is offering MDM on SAP Afaria as a licensed software charged per device. If the customer requires MDM on SAP Afaria as a managed service, Celcom is able to provide it as an outsourced support model where we can remotely support device diagnostics for the enterprise. For further enquiry on our managed service support costing, please contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.
This outsourced managed service support requires a 1-time charge per annum and payment from the customer and will be collected upfront. Please contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.
Yes, Celcom does provide on-site service support for customers to choose from. Please contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.

Technical and Training Suppor

Per-day support covers a maximum of not more than 8 hours per day and services include resolving any specific customer-related issues on MDM on SAP Afaria; and this support service can be exchanged for customer training.

Per-site visit support covers a maximum of not more than 4 hours per visit and is strictly upon the request of the customer to resolve any specific customer-related issues on MDM on SAP Afaria. It shall not include resolving problems pertaining to customer’s own environment set-up, for example, e-mail server, network set-up, corporate firewall and others.

Yes, customers can still enjoy a 24/7 phone support for free. This phone support provided by Celcom’s partner, reachable at 03-79549878.