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Frequently Asked Questions


Biz Web Builder is a simple-to-use tool which allows you to construct websites even if you do not have any HTML coding or programming knowledge. This tool includes an online web page builder which allows you to create and manage the website at your fingertips. Biz Web Builder comes packaged with Celcom Business Broadband and Broadband USB stick.

Product Features

Biz Web Builder allows you to

  • Create, edit or delete website content
  • Upload documents, images and videos
  • Create, edit or delete website pages
  • Manage and add new website sections
  • Build on-line forms and track the information received

Biz Web Builder has the following built-in components: product catalogue, photo album, guest book, online survey, FAQ page, news and event page, enquiry form

Benefits to Customers

Biz Web Builder has the following benefits:

  • Control over who has access rights to your website
  • Simplicity in maintaining your website
  • Comprehensive editing tools that enables you to manage your website effectively
  • Supports major web browsers

Target Segment

This service is currently available to both new and existing Celcom Enterprise SOHO (Small Office/ Home Office) and SME (Small Medium Enterprise) customers.

Eligibility, Package Offer and Subscribing Method

To register for Biz Web Builder, you can contact your dedicated Account Manage or visit our Bluecube outlet in Sunway Pyramid.
Yes, a total of 24 months contract shall apply for Biz Web Builder service sign up.
There are a total of thirty (30) web pages available.
The total allocation for website hosting is 1GB in size.
There are a total of ten (10) e-mail accounts available and the mailbox size for each email is 1GB in size.Hosted Email provides option for the customer to add-on email accounts.
No, the default size for website hosting and email for this service is 11GB whereby 1GB is allocated for each email accounts and 1GB for website hosting.
Biz Web Builder service subscription is inclusive of an international domain name for example .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info.
Yes. A top fee of RM45 is applicable for .com.my, .net.my, .org.my or name.my and RM65 for .my. Please e-mail request to admin@emerge.com.my.
Yes, you can opt to renew the Biz Web Builder service upon contract expiry by subscribing to the Biz Web Builder package.
Yes, a total of RM300 (USB Modem) or RM350 (PortaWiFi bundled) as a penalty fee shall apply if the contract is terminated before the expiry date.
In the event of barring customer can only view the website without any editing or access to email facilities until the Broadband line is reconnected.
In this case, you will not be able to access the website or maintain the website, your emails since the Broadband line has been terminated.
You are eligible to opt for Celcom Biz Web Builder bolt-on plan as long as you are subscribed to Celcom Business Broadband Basic or Celcom Business Broadband Advanced. Your existing Celcom Business Broadband monthly charges and contract tenure continues as usual. The free Broadband USB stick is not applicable for add-on plan.

Celcom Biz Web Builder customers will be entitled to trade in iBeli.com. as part of the package.

iBeli.com is an online platform designed to help match buyers and sellers of SOHO and SME companies in both domestic and international markets. With iBeli.com you can promote your business around the world and find the right trading partners quickly and easily. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, iBeli.com helps you to find these partners and establish successful trading relationships through an online e-store.

Celcom Biz Web Builder customers will be entitled to mass broadcast SMS via MobileACE as part of the facilities.

MobileACE is suitable for SOHO and SME companies who want to send out SMS messages to clients for marketing purposes or for any announcement campaigns. This simple to use web based control panel allows you to customize and send out personalized messages easily to your customers. A total of 10 free SMS credits will be given for every new Biz Web Builder registration. To purchase additional SMS credits, please email to admin@emerge.com.my.

Subscribing to Celcom FIRST™ Business : Web Builder

During registration of the service, you are required to provide an email address and mobile number for correspondence. Once the service is activated, you will receive a unique password via email and SMS within the next business working day. With the password, login via http://reg.bizwebbuilder.com.my to register a domain name and start building your website.
Biz Web Builder runs on Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above, Chrome or Safari.
If you did not receive the unique password, please contact support@emerge.com.my.
Yes, you can create your own HTML website and upload to the server via FTP.
Biz Web Builder is an integrated website hosting solution. The website will be automatically published once the “Publish” icon is selected in the Biz Web Builder tool.
The website hosting is supported by Windows Server 2008 platform, providing customers with the convenience of creating a professional website and uploading media files.
The back-up of the websites are carried out on a daily basis. It will not affect the performance of the websites during this process.
Yes, you only need to select the domain transfer option in the registration website. Emerge’s administrative department will contact and guide you through after receiving your registration. This applies for both international and local domain names.
Please send email to admin@emerge.com.my to inform on your new company profile with supporting documents.
Please send email to admin@emerge.com.my of your new office address.

Technical and Training Suppor

Please email to support@emerge.com.my for issues pertaining to the Biz Web Builder tool and email hosting. Technical support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.
Yes, user training on the product is provided once a month for new customers. To participate, please email request to sales@emerge.com.my for the training arrangements to be done. Please note that there will be a minimal charge on training fees per person.