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FIRST™ Business : Web Builder

FIRST™ Business : Web Builder with Data Biz Basic FIRST™ Business : Web Builder with Data Biz Advance FIRST™ Business : Web Builder with Data Biz Pro FIRST™ Business : Web Builder without Data Plan
Monthly Commitment RM78 RM98 RM138 RM28
Speed Up to 21Mbps
Device Price RM159
Monthly Rebate RM10x10months
Contract Period 24 months

Sign up for FIRST™ Business : Web Builder today to enjoy:

Domain name
Claim full ownership of your own personalised international domain name to give your business a professional image on the web.
E-mail Accounts
Run your business smoothly with 10 dedicated e-mail accounts for your business and up to 1GB mailbox quota per account.
Web Hosting Space
Develop your own business website with a massive 1GB web space to fit thousands of text and image-based web pages.
Website Builder
Design up to 30 pages in your website in just a few steps. No technical knowledge required to build a professional website!
MobileACE! SMS
Run your own SMS marketing campaigns and send personalised SMSes to your entire client base with one standard rate across the world.
iBeli.com Trade Portal
Enjoy FREE basic membership to iBeli.com, a business trade portal that's fast gaining popularity across Asia.
Online Orders and Integrated Payment Gateway
Increase and maximise your sales online with our built-in Integrated Payment Gateway such as Internet banking, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.