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Frequently Asked Questions


SFA is a subscription based service suitable for SMEs or Enterprises. This software solution allows employees to automatically record all the stages in a sales process, tracks all contact that has been made with a given customer and any follow up that may be needed and more.

Product Features and Benefits to Customers

Currently, the SFA solution modules offered are:

  • Account & Contact Management
  • Leads Management.
  • Opportunity Management.
  • Task Management.
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Budget & Forecasting Management
  • Quotation Management.
  • Management Reporting.
  • Organization Charting.
  • Product & Service Management.
  • Opportunity Tracker.
  • Contract Management.
  • Purchase Order, Payment & Receipt Management
  • Email Interactions
  • Report Scheduler.

The benefits in using SFA are:

  • Increase sales productivity.
  • Sales staff can focus their time more efficiently and effectively.
  • Provides management with the most current information.
  • Management response time can be greatly reduces.
  • Increase customer satisfaction if they are used with wisdom.
  • Sales staff can service customers more expertly & diligently
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Faster turnaround time & reduced amount of data entry
  • Proven solutions
  • Support major devices platforms
  • Low entry barrier cost

Product Offering

There are two different types of package offerings: New Subscription and Add-On Subscription. The pricing is divided by 2 types of packages which is the Standard (RM38.00)and Enterprise (RM128.00).

Target Customers

All Celcom postpaid customers with data plan, mobile smart phone, tablet pc or desktop/laptops devices.
Customers can subscribe via designated Account Manager.

About SFA

SFA supports all the major mobile platforms which include iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows.

Activating SFA involves these simple steps:

  • 1. After successful of account activation and subscription, the client will receives an email with information on the website links, in this case SFA services and also the login & password information.
  • 2. The client will click on the link and login to the system with the provided default password.
  • 3. Upon logged in, client will be asked to change a new password before can start to use the system, after which the services for the particular account will be activated.
Use the Web browser and key in the SFA system’s URL and login to the system. Client also can use the mobile application on Android smartphones / tablets.
It is a lightweight version of applications which have to download and install into the Android smartphones/tablet. This application then let’s you to easily login and use the SFA system. The client will still be able to continue using the application eventhough there’s no Internet / data connection from the mobile/tablets. In the absence of mobile signal, the data is cached and sent later when Internet connection is detected.
A download link of the application will be provided together during the first email sent from the service provider/vendor once the subscription has been successfully processed.
Currently, the mobile application only support on Android OS. However, for iOS user they may use Safari / compatible web browser to use the system.
The subscriber will be provided with a default username and password once the subscription has been successfully processed.

For first time login user, system will prompt the user to change a new password before starting to use the system.

For current user, they can login to the system as:SFA: Business Administration -> Setup Sales Personnel -> Click on UserID -> click Change Password.

Yes, it is recommended for you to have a Celcom data plan subscription when using SFA as data connection is required for data access and backup purposes. You will automatically be charged at a data pay-per-use rate if you do not have any data plan subscription.
Yes, it allows you to access the system from a various types of mobile devices but strict to a single login session on the same UserID & password.
Yes, because the access to the system is thru web browser. You may however required to install back the mobile apps (offline-mode) into the new device.
Yes, but there will be additional charges if the customization on the scope of work involved is complicated or different from what that is being offered in the existing package offerings. The additional charges will be quoted after a requirement study is completed. In this case, a customization fee of RM1,500.00 per man-day will be charge.
Yes, you can use SFA with a non-Celcom network, as long as there is a internet connection.
SFA is applicable to Celcom Postpaid subscribers only.

For normal subscription of Standard or Enterprise package, it’ll take around 24hours to activate once successful of customer registration to the system.

For customization package, it’ll depend on how complex the customization level and number of days it involves for requirement study and actual implementation.

If you did not receive the unique password, please contact support@emerge.com.my.
Not required, the customer can straight away use the SFA system. Customer however is required to key in all their relevant data into the SFA system, eg: Customer / employee’s contact details, etc.
Yes, the base subscription of SFA is tied to a contract period of twenty-four (24) months.
The data access fees will depend on the Celcom data access plan that you have subscribed to. The SFA does not tie to any Celcom Dataplan or Voiceplan services.