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Internet Leased Line

Previously perceived as a business support tool, Internet Leased Line network connectivity is now increasingly acknowledged as a vital business platform that is key to the growth and continuity of any business.

Celcom Internet Leased Line allows you to run your mission critical applications over the Internet with guaranteed, dedicated high performance private IP connectivity and high data security via Celcom Internet Exchange, ensuring you will always have the speed to stay ahead in your business.

Who should use Internet Leased Lines?

Internet Leased Lines are ideal for:

  • Businesses that require consistent high speed Internet to enhance business processes and applications.
  • Businesses that depend on remote or telecommute employees to transfer data and access office applications. Although using DSL connectivity can be used as a cost effective alternative, Internet Leased Lines provide higher security and resilience, as well as real-time bandwidth monitoring statistics for businesses.

The key features of Internet Leased Lines

Your business will be able to experience these features:

  • High / Flexible Speeds and Bandwidth: users have the flexibility choose the most suitable bandwidth and speed
  • Guaranteed Speeds: unlike traditional broadband that is shared with commercial and residential users, businesses are guaranteed consistent speeds through their dedicated Internet connections
  • Enhanced Security: the dedicated line is more secure giving reliable protection and security for mission critical data such as proprietary information and financial data
  • Greater Reliability: guaranteed fix times and higher availability