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Internet Leased Line

Connect your business to data centres, branch offices, remote and mobile employees to each other by converging multiple networks into a single foundation network of MPLS-enabled IPVPNs, to support voice, data and other business applications needed to enhance productivity.

With IPVPN solutions, your business gains a fast and reliable network with tight data security with greater cost efficiency. Unlike Leased Lines, the cost of IPVPN won't be affected as distance increases.

Why choose IPVPN solution from Celcom:

Internet Leased Lines are ideal for:

  • Scalable to meet the needs for business growth or merger integration
  • Easy deployment of business continuity options via remote access and mobile Internet
  • Ability to extend the VPN to mobile devices as an additional endpoint on your network
  • Consistent performance across your locations and devices
  • Flexible to select the level of management your business needs
  • Easily integrate cloud-based business applications, such as VoIP, hosting and security

Connect virtually anytime, anywhere with IPVPN

Your business will be able to experience these features: Enhance your business proficiency with consistent global access to corporate information via integrated wired and wireless solutions from a variety of access options:

  • Remote Access
  • WiFi
  • Wired or Wireless Ethernet

IPVPNs scale easily, allowing you to add features and functions without making major changes to your infrastructure. The integrity and authenticity of your data is protected through our highly secured wireless and core network.