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Point to Point Leased Line

With a Point to Point Leased Line, your business will acquire the most reliable solution that enhances communication and connectivity between your HQ and branch offices to effortlessly transfer data in a secured manner.

The fixed points in a private network are connected through dedicated digital circuits that vary in capacity and speeds. This allows businesses to extend the coverage of the business wide area network using secured, highly reliable and high-speed network connections.

Who should use Point to Point Leased Lines?

Point to Point leased lines provide dedicated connections that cater primarily for businesses with the following needs:

  • Data communications between two business sites
  • Two independent computer networks
  • Access to the Internet and the multimedia super highway
  • Connection to the public switched data network

The key features of Point to Point Leased Lines

Your business will be able to experience these features:

  • Inherent Security: a single dedicated circuit is accessible only to the end users and not by other parties
  • Constant Connection: end users won't have to establish a connection to transfer data
  • Choice of Bandwidth Speeds: users have the flexibility choose the most suitable bandwidth and speed
  • Service Level Agreements: levels of service are tailored to the specific needs of the business.

The advantages of Point to Point Leased Lines for businesses

  • Pay a fixed monthly fee based on an agreed level of capacity.
  • Plan and control communication budget with accessible usage and cost statistic.
  • Secured transmissions particularly for critical company information.
  • Fast and reliable transmission for data and video applications.