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Digital Workforce

What threats does the Celcom Cloud Secure powered by Secucloud protect me from and on what devices does it work?

When you surf via the Celcom network, all Internet traffic passes through a filter. This filter checks if the website you are visiting poses a threat and blocks dangerous sites on your device. This ensures that you are protected against various Internet threats, such as phishing, ransomware, hackers, viruses, or botnets. You will be forwarded to a blocked page once a threat is detected. All devices connected via your smartphone (tethered modem) benefit from this protection, regardless whether they are connected via WLAN, cable or Hotspot.

Sample of Blocking Page;

Does Celcom Cloud Secure offer a children's Internet protection that keeps children safe and assists them when they use the Internet?
Yes, Celcom Cloud Secure provides optimal online protection for your children, and you can help them surf the web responsibly.


  1. Spam
    Spam is defined as unsolicited e-mail messages that is sent by an unknown source to a large number of recipients. 

  2. Viruses/Trojans
    Viruses are mostly passed on via infected e-mail messages. As they spread rapidly, they pass themselves on as e-mail messages and, due to the flood of e-mail messages this creates, they could cause a complete collapse of the e-mail system. Also, when you download games and other programs from dubious sources, a virus may be transmitted.
    The virus could then delete or change files in the affected computers. So-called Trojans or worms may stay on your hard drive without you even knowing it for long periods of time and might at one point send secret information to a hacker, who then gains access to the affected computer.

  3. Phishing
    This deceitful process, called phishing, is used by criminals to obtain sensitive data such as your bank information, credit card numbers, account information or passwords.
    The term phishing is a combination of the English words “password,” “harvesting” and “fishing.” It is all about obtaining confidential information, such as account information, Internet banking access information, credit card numbers, etc. Obtaining this type of information allows criminals to withdraw money from your account or purchase items in stores or online.

  4. Ransomware
    The word "ransom" is an English word and refers to a payment or demand that must be met in exchange for the release of something or someone. Ransomware refers to harmful software (viruses) that encrypts the files on the affected computer and connected drives. This means that the user no longer has access to their data and information (photos, documents, and other files). Once the encryption process has been completed, cyber criminals demand payment of a ransom. Individuals who pay the demanded amount are promised a program to restore their files. There is no guarantee that you will receive this software and that it will even work.
    Experts estimate the total damage caused by ransomware last year to be around $325 million. In addition to the ransom money, users also should expend time and money to reinstall the affected system and restore backed up data.

  5. Hacking
    Hacking occurs when third parties attempt to obtain access to a computer network, computer, secured component (e.g. chip card), or blocked data by circumventing security precautions. This is done by exploiting general flaws in software security, phishing, viruses, or Trojans – but also by guessing passwords. Hackers often have criminal intentions. This may include data theft or the establishment of a botnet.

  6. Botnets
    The term "bot" comes from the word "robot" and describes a computer program that generally carries out repetitive tasks independently without depending on any user interaction. A botnet is an entire group of automated computer programs.
    Criminals manipulate the computers of others, link them, and use them for their own purposes. These zombie PCs are used as a distribution center for spam, for example. Other botnets serve as a storage area for criminal schemes, assist in obtaining sensitive user data, or are used for DoS attacks (overloading of servers with queries).

Benefits to Customers

What are the benefits to the customer?

  • Save corporation from the high costs of phone-calls placed from a fixed line to a mobile network. Replace those high fixed line costs with the significantly lower and attractive mobile flat rates for mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls nationwide.
  • Minimize OPEX (Operation Expenditure) and maximize revenues with saving on the telecommunication expenses.
  • Enjoy lower and flat rates over all domestic numbers.
  • Enjoy free calls among employees and offices.
  • Enjoy leasing free Office CallSaver devices with every subscription of selective bill plan.


Understand Celcom Office CallSaver Solution

What is Office CallSaver solution?
Office CallSaver is a solution that has been introduced mainly to serve the enterprise or large corporation to achieve maximum savings on operational communication cost. This device is a mobile voice appliance that can be attached with 1 or up to 30 SIM cards at one time. It could be integrated to existing PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange) or KTS (Key Telephone System) in customer’s premises enabling calls to be made from office desk phone connecting using Celcom mobile network instead-of existing fixed line provider in Malaysia.

What is the guarantee saving on communication cost after customer deploy this solution into their offices?
A guarantee of minimum 40% saving can be achieved from current communication cost. However, the actual saving percentage is between the range from 60% to 80% depending on customer’s nature of business and pattern of call usage.

What are the benefits customers can enjoy from this program?

  • Free leasing on Office CallSavery devices
  • Free 1st time installation cost
  • Free Office to Employee OR Employee to Office calls
  • Free inter-office calls
  • 10 sen flat rate calls to any numbers, anywhere and anytime in Malaysia
  • Best network quality, coverage and reliability.

How does Office CallSaver works?
With Office CallSaver combined with your company's existing fixed-line PABX system, calling mobile phones from your fixed line will re-route to the Celcom mobile network instead of land lines, giving you greater savings with the best mobile rates from Celcom. The system maximizes your productivity while minimizing your landline cost by up to 50%.

Office CallSaver works with any traditional PABX, and compliments IP-based PABX device such as:




How do customers apply for these packages?
via Celcom Enterprise Account Manager or Selected SMB key dealers.

Can customers walk in to any Celcom branch and request for these packages?

Can Individual/Employees apply for this package?

Will customers be charged penalty if they request for early termination of service?

How are the devices delivered to the customers?
The devices delivery to customer will be done by Celcom’s registered suppliers since these service deployments require technical knowledge on integration to their existing PABX / KTS machine.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?
Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a cloud-based platform that secures, monitors, manages and deploys over-the-air (OTA) mobile data, applications and services to all types of mobile devices across the organisation, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and computers. This applies to both company-owned and employee-owned devices.


Features & Benefits

What are the features of MDM?
MDM allows enterprises to:

  • Remotely manage mobile devices over-the-air (OTA).
  • Audit device contents.
  • Keep devices up to date.
  • Install new applications or remove unwanted programmes.
  • Configure email accounts.
  • Lock the device remotely and erase all user data if it is lost or stolen.
  • Secure devices with local password protection and data encryption on the device.
  • Set Corporate Policies.

What are the benefits of MDM?
With MDM , enterprises can enjoy:

  • Reduced costs and complexity of managing mobile devices.
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Instant installations of softwares and applications on thousands of devices within minutes, anywhere in the world.
  • Over-the-air queries and diagnosis to effectively resolve issues.
  • Absolute security with only the latest softwares and applications used.


Rates & Subscription

How does the MDM subscription work?
MDM is charged based on the number of users, licensed-based, on a monthly basis.

How much is the MDM subscription?
MDM is available for subscription at RM15 per month per device.

How can I subscribe to this service?
Please contact your dedicated Account Manager to subscribe to MDM.

Who can subscribe to this service?
All Celcom Enterprise Postpaid subscribers including subscribers from other telcos for example DiGi, Maxis and U Mobile.

Is there a minimum number of MDM user license subscriptions required?
No, there is no minimum number of subscriptions required.

Apart from the monthly licensing subscription fee of RM15, are there any other charges?
An upfront 1-time set-up fee applies and is non-refundable in the event of early termination. Upon the receipt of this upfront payment, a team of consultants will be dispatched to the customer’s premise to implement the connectivity of corporate back end system and solution.

Is there a contract tied to the MDM user license subscription?
Yes, a two (2) year contract applies to each of MDM user license subscription.

What is the penalty fee in the event of early contract termination?
The penalty fee will be calculated based on the monthly licensing fee charged, multiplied by the remaining months of the contract period.

Can MDM be subscribed as a standalone product?
Yes, MDM can be subscribed as a standalone product, but only applicable for existing PortaBiz on SAP Mobility customers.


How It Works

What is BYOD?
BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and this is a widely used, accepted phrase referring to employees who bring their own computing devices, for example, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, to their workplace for use and connectivity to the enterprise network.

Which MDM model is offered to the customer?
Celcom is offering the cloud-based solution where the hardware is hosted on the cloud and only a minimal integration with the customer’s network is required.

What is the enrolment process for the devices?
Celcom will push an SMS or e-mail URL out to the user’s device, the user simply needs to click on this link and enter their enrolment password. It is to note that devices on Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry and Android operating systems will require software installation during the enrolment process.

What applications and services can the enterprise restrict on the mobile devices?
Some examples include:

  • Time-based access policy for personal apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and others.
  • Controls and blocks Bluetooth, camera, Wi-Fi and other network security settings.
  • Segregate blacklist and whitelist websites.

What measures can an enterprise take when a mobile device is lost or stolen?
MDM helps to ensure that the corporate data on the mobile device is kept safe and in the event if the mobile device is lost or stolen, MDM can:

  • Lock and wipe all the date in the mobile device.
  • Restore devices to factory settings.
  • Wipe sensitive data from compromised mobile devices.

What operating systems can MDM support?
MDM supports mobile devices that are running on Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian.

Can MDM remotely disable the features of a mobile device?
Yes, MDM can remotely disable the camera, WiFi, Bluetooth.

Can MDM trace lost or stolen devices?
No, MDM  is unable to trace the lost or stolen devices.

What is ‘blacklisting an application’?
Applications like Facebook is considered a personal application and can be blocked throughout office hours using MDM to ensure employees’ productivity is optimised.

What happens if an unauthorised application is downloaded on a mobile device?
The IT administrator will be notified through the MDM console as soon as an unauthorised application is downloaded on a mobile device.

Can MDM work on a mobile device if it is not connected to the Internet?
No, MDM works only when there is Internet connection.

How can we use MDM to mitigate roaming costs?
On iOS5 devices, we can remotely turn off Voice and Data roaming. We can receive alerts when other devices are roaming. On other devices, we can pull a report to show devices that are currently roaming, and send a message to the device via MDM informing the user of roaming costs and how to disable data roaming.

Can customers use MDM to back-up the contents on the device?
No, the contents on the device cannot be backed up via MDM. BES can do this, so can iCloud and Google Sync on Android. MDM provides visibility and some governance of these devices.

Can MDM support App catalogues?
Yes, App catalogues can be pushed to iOS and Android devices. This list of applications can be customised to your needs. Celcom can also make recommendations on applications, as Celcom have a good understanding of productivity apps for each industry segment. App catalogues can also display internal applications that the customer wants to distribute to groups of users.


Help and Support

Is MDM a managed service?
Celcom is offering MDM  as a licensed software charged per device. If the customer requires MDM as a managed service, Celcom is able to provide it as an outsourced support model where we can remotely support device diagnostics for the enterprise. For further enquiry on our managed service support costing, please contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.

How will the managed service support be charged?
This outsourced managed service support requires a 1-time charge per annum and payment from the customer and will be collected upfront. Please contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.

Are there any other options on the service support apart from the outsourced managed service?
Yes, Celcom does provide on-site service support for customers to choose from. Please contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.

What is the difference between per-day support and per-site visit support for the on-site service support mentioned?
Per-day support covers a maximum of not more than 8 hours per day and services include resolving any specific customer-related issues on MDM; and this support service can be exchanged for customer training.
Per-site visit support covers a maximum of not more than 4 hours per visit and is strictly upon the request of the customer to resolve any specific customer-related issues on MDM. It shall not include resolving problems pertaining to customer’s own environment set-up, for example, e-mail server, network set-up, corporate firewall and others.

Apart from the per-day support and per-site visit support options which are chargeable, can the customer still enjoy any other type of support?
Yes, customers can still enjoy the support via email for free. This email support provided by Celcom’s partner, which can be reachable at info@emi-solutions.biz

What is Office 365? How is it different from Microsoft Office?
Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services).

When is the launch date?
15th August 2018

How can I subscribe to this service?

Method Detail
Monthly / Annual Subscription base Contact your dedicated Account Manager (AM) and Celcom SMB Partners

Program Mechanics

What are the features in Office 365?

  Office 365 Business Essentials Office 365 Business Premium
User Maximum 300 users 300 users
Full, installed Office applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs  
Office on tablets and phones on up to 5 tablets and 5 phones  
Online versions of Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
File storage and sharing with 1 TB storage/user
Business class email, calendar, and contacts with a 50 GB inbox
Unlimited online meetings, IM and HD video conferencing.
Includes Lync App
Intranet site for your teams with customizable security settings
Corporate social network
Personalized search and discovery using the Office Graph

What are the benefits of using Office 365?

  • Customer can work anywhere at anytime
  • Predictable monthly cost, No more licensing mess
  • Complete sync of Outlook between multiple devices
  • Web access to Microsoft Office documents
  • Mobile access on all popular smartphones and tablets
  • File sharing for corporate environment with Office 365

Is there any contract period for Office 365?
12-month contract

Is there a minimum number of user license subscriptions required?
No, there are no minimum number subscriptions required.

How to terminate the service?
Kindly contact your Celcom Account Manager / SMB Partner.

Will Office 365 work with my copy of Office?
Office 365 is designed to work with the latest version of Office, Office 2013, and Office 2011 for Mac. Previous versions of Office, such as Office 2010 and Office 2007, may work with Office 365 with reduced functionality. If you have Office 2003 or an earlier version, you will need to update to a newer version of Office in order to use Office 365; or you can subscribe to one of the many Office 365 plans that include the latest version of Office. In addition to getting the latest version of Office as part of your subscription, you will also get automatic updates, so your Office will always be up to date.

Is Internet access required for Office 365?
Internet access is required to install and activate all Office 365 plans and to manage your subscription account. Internet connectivity is also required to access Office 365 cloud productivity services, including email, conferencing, IT management, and other services.

Office 365 Business Premium includes the desktop version of Office, one of the benefits of having the desktop version of Office applications is that you can work offline and have the confidence that the next time you connect to the Internet all your work will automatically sync, so you never have to worry about your documents being up to date. Your desktop version of Office is also automatically kept up to date and upgraded when you connect to the Internet, so you always have the latest tools to help you work.

What do I need to install anything in order to use Office 365?
You don't need to install anything in order to use Office 365.

To help you easily connect your desktop version of the latest version of Office, Office 2013, Office 2010, or Office 2007 to Office 365, Microsoft provides Office 365 customers an installable piece of software—called “Office Desktop Setup”—at no charge.

Office Desktop Setup provides many benefits, including:

  • Automatically detecting necessary updates.
  • Installing updates and components upon approval or silently from a command line.
  • Automatically configuring Outlook and Microsoft Skype for Business for use with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Uninstalling itself from the client computer after running.

What will happen to my data if I cancel my subscription?
You should save your data before you cancel. If you decide to cancel your Office 365 subscription, you can download your data—for example, your email and documents on team sites—and save it to another location. After you cancel your subscription, data associated with your Office 365 account will be available to your administrator(s) in a limited function account for 90 days

How do I change my Office 365’s password?
https://prs-ncu.passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/ to reset your password.

How does payment work?
You are invoiced monthly or annually depending on the subscription method you choose.

Who can customer call if there are enquiries or complaints?
Office 365 covered the most common enquiries in https://support.microsoft.com/en-my/contactus/

  1. What is a Fixed Wireless Desktop (FWD) phone ?
    The FWD phone model is ZTE WP722 4G with capability in providing voice and high speed data service for businesses’ communication needs.  It also supports Wi-Fi hotspot functions.  The FWD is phone is also ideal for businesses where no fixed-line infrastructure exists.

  2. How it benefits your business ?
    • Unlimited calls to all network
    • Free FWD phone*
    • Enjoy up to 60% discount on usage calls

  3. How it works ?

  4. What are the main highlights of the FWD phone ?
    • Exquisite design
    • External antenna for improved performance
    • Strong Wi-Fi hotspot and coverage
    • Large capacity battery that lasts longer
    • Reliable high speed data connection
    • Large, easy-to-use menu features
    • intuitive hot keys allow quick access to calls , WIFI-Hotspot, phone book and text messaging
    • Easy Set UP–No wiring  or installation required
    • Large, Color Display with touch screen and easy-to-use menu features
    • Portable Device 

  5. What are the key features of the FWD phone ?

Benefits to customers

What are the benefits of Celcom VirtuExt™ to the customer? 

  • Save corporation from the high costs of phone-calls placed from a fixed line to a mobile network.
  • Minimize OPEX (Operation Expenditure) and maximize revenues with the saving on hardware expenses.
  • Maintenance free – customer can utilize all PABX functionality without have to maintain the traditional PABX equipment.
  • Easier management – managing the system online for hosted Celcom VirtuExt™ is relatively simple with web access. It has complete control on every aspect of the Celcom VirtuExt™ features from computer or laptop with an internet connection.
  • Greater Versatility – Celcom VirtuExt™ allows user to choose the number of extensions they want along with the features they want. By looking over various business needs, this solution can easily be customized & managed by their administrator.


Understand Celcom VirtuExt™ Solution

What is Celcom VirtuExt™ solution?
Celcom VirtuExt™ allow their users to receive and manage calls through one main number with all other traditional PBX functions such as extension calls, call transfer, IVR recording, call queuing, etc. Unlike the traditional PABX services, there is no need to invest on hardware and additional maintenance contract. 
In addition, Celcom VirtuExt™ services are flexible, and it’s easy to maintain, understand and suitable to all range of business types (SOHO, Enterprise, Large Corporation). 

How does Celcom VirtuExt™ works?

What are the main advantages & key features of Celcom VirtuExt™? 

  • 100% saving on Capital Investment
  • “Do-It-Yourself” concept. No need to purchase maintenance contract from supplier / vendor.
  • Maintenance cost saving – no requirement on office space, UPS or electricity cost etc. vs maintenance cost of traditional PABX equipment.
  • Web User Interface – accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Instant set-up for new business.
  • Mobile office – employees are not restricted to traditional fixed desk phone. Promote efficiency and effective mobile working environment.
  • Globally reachable – Users can be contacted anywhere in the world with only ONE Main Number established for your business.
  • Short extension number dialing over mobile devices to reach your colleagues.



How do customers apply for these services?
via Celcom Enterprise Account Manager and Selected SMB key dealers.

Can customers walk in to any Celcom branch and request for these services?

Can Individual/Employees apply for this service?
Yes, just as a user under the Celcom VirtuExt™ main number of which subscription is to be under the corporate / Enterprise only. 

Will customers be charged penalty if they request for early termination of service?

What is the cost to setup Celcom VirtuExt™ service? 
A minimal set up fee from as low as RM200 and above is chargeable.

What is the conference call tariff?
10sen/minute for outbound conference calls to all numbers within Malaysia.

Do you need special device or equipment to subscribe Celcom VirtuExt™ service? 
No. For normal user, they only need to have standard GSM mobile phones. Switchboard attendant & Administrator may require laptop or tablet with internet connection for web access.



Where do I change my password?
In Web UI interface, under “Profile” tabs press “Edit” button to change your password.

As a VirtuExt™ End User, do I need special device to use it?
No, as an End User you may use your existing mobile phone to enjoy the service since this application does not require any additional investment on hardware or software.

How to display Main Number when I dial out to hide m personal mobile number?
There are two ways to display your company Main Number;

  1. In Web UI, select the “Display Main Number” box.

  2. Add 7 at the front mobile number you wish to dial. E.g. 019-1234567.

Simply dial ‹ 70191234567 ›

How many user categories in VirtuExt™?
There are 3 users category:

  1. Attendant - As a company operator / receptionist or department selected personnel to manage and control over some important virtual-service. In the other words, an Attendant is someone who helps caller to gets the person they are calling. This person will have to work closely with VirtuExt™ SwitchBoard interface to perform call transfer, call holding, manage incoming call queue, call conference administrator and lot more functions which will be describe further in this document.

  2. End User - Normal VirtuExt™ users. Simply notify your designated Celcom Enterprise Business Manager to enable your employee mobile phone into this system. All your employees need is a valid voice plan from Celcom Enterprise and this system can work with any GSM or 3G mobile phone. They will be assigned with Mobile Extension Number and password to access the VirtuExt™ interface to configure their daily use of virtual profile.

  3. Enterprise Admin - Responsible for managing the company VirtuExt™ service strategies. No specific IT specialist knowledge are require to operate this system as this WEB interface is easy-to-use and user-friendly experience allowing the user to interact in natural and intuitive way.

How do I login to my Web User Interface?
This Interface is accessible by Enterprise Admin, Attendant and End User via www.virtuext.celcom.com.my

How do I change my Virtual Profile?
It’s important to preset the profile over the Web UI (User Interface) before you use the other option.

There are 3 types of UI for VirtuExt™ users.

  1. SMS - ‹type desire profile number› ‹send to 21112
    E.g. User wishes to change to Personal Hunt Group profile.
    In your mobile, go to send new SMS, type ‹10› send to ‹21112›.
  2. IVR - 019-3000922
  3. Web UI (User Interface) - Go to “Profile” tabs, select the desire profile from the drop down list.

How do I update my login status?
This step is for the following users;

  • Attendant - To logout or login from the Web SwitchBoard.
  • End User - For user that select “Show Main Number as caller” and “Follow login/logout” option only.

Dial 019-3000933 to login and dial again to logout.

How many participants can join the conference at one time?
Minimum 3 and maximum 20 participants at one time are allowable during the conference call with VirtuExt™ platform.

How long I can record my conference?
The conference recording is unlimited.

Where do I download my recorded Conference?
The conference originator can download the recorded file at Web UI under “Conference” tabs.

How long I can keep the audio conference file?
User has 24 hours to download the recorded file. SMS notification will be sent 1 hour before VirtuExt™ platform purge the file.

  1. The file cannot be retrieved after platform purged the audio file.

  2. Audio file is in “.wav” format.

How do I setup Conference Call?
You can setup Conference in two ways;

Inbound Conference

  • Under “Conference” tabs, select the date, time and duration.
  • Press “Reserve” to retrieve your conference PIN.
  • Copy the conference PIN and distribute it together with Conference Bridge number (0193000988) to the participants via SMS or Email.

Outbound Conference

  • Under “Conference” tabs, select your desire conference participant as follows;
  • Web UI - drop down list for employees or select”External” if you wish to invite non VirtuExt™ users.
  • Java Client UI - Select the employee name from the “Contact” list and press “Add” or simply enter mobile number at “Add Number” column.

What is the VirtuExt Inbound Conference number?
The Inbound Conference number is 0193000988

Why I cannot view “Conference” tabs in my UI?
Access to Conference Call is define by your Enterprise Admin or based on service subscription by your company.

Who can access the VirtuExt™ usage statistic for my company?
The Enterprise Admin can access the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistic while the Attendant can view the daily call and SMS log only.

How do you deliver leased line services?
Our service is delivered using wireless and fiber technology (Fiber is available in selected areas).

Where is Celcom leased line coverage?
Nationwide service coverage with line-of-sight to nearest Celcom telecommunication tower (Mobile coverage).

What is Celcom SLA (service level agreement)?
Celcom will deliver our contracted SLA of 99.5% (approximately 44 hours per year downtime).

Currently who do customers call to report a fault or problem with connection?

  • Hot line: 03-72005500 (24 X 7 Dedicated Call Centre.)
  • Toll free: 60196011111
  • Email : support@celcom.com.my

If a customer is interested how do I sign up?
Please contact your Celcom account manager, Celcom Value Added Partner or email us at support@celcom.com.my

What is the payment mode for this service?
Celcom will bill customers on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis with the installation charges included in the first bill.

Does Tax apply to internet leased line and installation?
Yes. All telecommunication services and other services in connection with telecommunication services will be subject to Service Tax under the provision of Service Tax Act 2018 and Service Tax Regulations 2018. 

For more information on business solutions, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

What is Biz Web Builder?
Biz Web Builder is a simple-to-use tool which allows you to construct websites even if you do not have any HTML coding or programming knowledge. This tool includes an online web page builder which allows you to create and manage the website at your fingertips. Biz Web Builder comes packaged with Celcom Business Broadband and Broadband USB stick.

Product Features

What are the features in Biz Web Builder?
Biz Web Builder allows you to

  • Create, edit or delete website content
  • Upload documents, images and videos
  • Create, edit or delete website pages 
  • Manage and add new website sections
  • Build on-line forms and track the information received

Biz Web Builder has the following built-in components: product catalogue, photo album, guest book, online survey, FAQ page, news and event page, enquiry form


Benefits to Customers

What are the benefits of using Biz Web Builder?
Biz Web Builder has the following benefits:

  • Control over who has access rights to your website 
  • Simplicity in maintaining your website 
  • Comprehensive editing tools that enables you to manage your website effectively
  • Supports major web browsers


Eligibility, Package Offer and Subscribing Method

How to register for Biz Web Builder?
To register for Biz Web Builder, you can contact your dedicated Account Manager or visit our Bluecube outlet in Sunway Pyramid.

Is there any contract period for Biz Web Builder?
Yes, a total of 24 months contract shall apply for Biz Web Builder service sign up.

How many web pages can be created with Biz Web Builder?
There are a total of thirty (30) web pages available.

What is the total website hosting space available with Biz Web Builder?
The total allocation for website hosting is 1GB in size.

How many email accounts can Biz Web Builder support? What if additional email accounts are required?
There are a total of ten (10) e-mail accounts available and the mailbox size for each email is 1GB in size.
Hosted Email provides option for the customer to add-on email accounts.

Can the 1GB of e-mail space be transferred to website hosting or vice versa?
No, the default size for website hosting and email for this service is 11GB whereby 1GB is allocated for each email accounts and 1GB for website hosting.

What website domain name does Biz Web Builder provides?
Biz Web Builder service subscription is inclusive of an international domain name for example .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info.

Will there be any additional charges for a website local domain name?
Yes.  A top fee of RM45 is applicable for .com.my, .net.my, .org.my or name.my and RM65 for .my.  Please e-mail request to admin@emerge.com.my.

Is there any contract renewal for Biz Web Builder?
Yes, you can opt to renew the Biz Web Builder service upon contract expiry by subscribing to the Biz Web Builder package.

Is there any penalty charge if the service is terminated before the contract period ends?
Yes, a total of RM300 (USB Modem) or RM350 (PortaWiFi bundled) as a penalty fee shall apply if the contract is terminated before the expiry date.

Will I still be able to access Biz Web Builder and emails if the Broadband line is barred?
In the event of barring customer can only view the website without any editing or access to email facilities until the Broadband line is reconnected.

Will I still be able to access Biz Web Builder if the Broadband line is terminated?
In this case, you will not be able to access or maintain the website and your emails
since the Broadband line has been terminated.

I am currently on Celcom Business Broadband and interested to subscribe to Biz Web Builder. What is the package offer?
You are eligible to opt for Celcom Biz Web Builder bolt-on plan as long as you are subscribed to Celcom Business Broadband Basic or Celcom Business Broadband Advanced.  Your existing Celcom Business Broadband monthly charges and contract tenure continues as usual.  The free Broadband USB stick is not applicable for add-on plan.

What is iBeli.com?
Celcom Biz Web Builder customers will be entitled to trade in iBeli.com. as part of the package. 

iBeli.com is an online platform designed to help match buyers and sellers of SOHO and SME companies in both domestic and international markets.  With iBeli.com you can promote your business around the world and find the right trading partners quickly and easily. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, iBeli.com helps you to find these partners and establish successful trading relationships through an online e-store.

What is MobileACE?
Celcom Biz Web Builder customers will be entitled to mass broadcast SMS via MobileACE as part of the facilities.

MobileACE is suitable for SOHO and SME companies who want to send out SMS messages to clients for marketing purposes or for any announcement campaigns.  This simple to use web based control panel allows you to customize and send out personalized messages easily to your customers.  A total of 10 free SMS credits will be given for every new Biz Web Builder registration.  To purchase additional SMS credits, please email to admin@emerge.com.my.


Subscribing to Celcom Biz Web Builder

How to start using Biz Web Builder?
During registration of the service, you are required to provide an email address and mobile number for correspondence.  Once the service is activated, you will receive a unique password via email and SMS within the next business working day. With the password, login via http://reg.bizwebbuilder.com.my to register a domain name and start building your website.

What is the minimum system requirement for Biz Web Builder?
Biz Web Builder runs on Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above, Chrome or Safari.

What happens if I did not receive the unique password via email or SMS?
If you did not receive the unique password, please contact support@emerge.com.my.

Can I write my own HTML?
Yes, you can create your own HTML website and upload to the server via FTP.

How to host the website after it is being created using Biz Web Builder?
Biz Web Builder is an integrated website hosting solution. The website will be automatically published once the “Publish” icon is selected in the Biz Web Builder tool.

What is the platform used for the website hosting?
The website hosting is supported by Windows Server 2008 platform, providing customers with the convenience of creating a professional website and uploading media files.

How often is data file back-ups carried out with Biz Web Builder?
The back-up of the websites are carried out on a daily basis.  It will not affect the performance of the websites during this process.

Can the existing domain name hosted by another company be transferred after subscribing to Biz Web Builder?
Yes, you only need to select the domain transfer option in the registration website.  Emerge’s administrative department will contact and guide you through after receiving your registration. This applies for both international and local domain names.

What happens if I transfer the company ownership to another company?
Please send email to admin@emerge.com.my  to inform on your new company profile with supporting documents.

What happens if I relocate the current office location?
Please send email to admin@emerge.com.my of your new office address.


Technical and Training Support

Whom to contact for technical support on the Biz Web Builder tool and Hosted Email?
Please email to support@emerge.com.my for issues pertaining to the Biz Web Builder tool and email hosting. Technical support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Will there be any user training provided on how to use the Biz Web Builder tool?
Yes, user training on the product is provided once a month for new customers.  To participate, please email request to sales@emerge.com.my for the training arrangements to be done.  Please note that there will be a minimal charge on training fees per person.

For more information on business solutions, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

What is Cloud Email Security?
Cloud Email Security is a highly reliable, scalable and richly featured 100% cloud solution that helps secure inbound and outbound email from sophisticated malware, ransomware, phishing, virus and spam. It also detects advanced threats such as spear phishing, whaling, typo domain and spoofing attacks. In addition to this, the service can identify unacceptable content, understand risk and enforce corporate policies. It also improves email continuity to help reduce the loss of vital information if outages occur.

What are the objectives of launching Cloud Email Security?
Malware, phishing and, ransomware continue to threaten businesses as they grow in sophistication and frequency. It has become vital for companies to protect the personal details and financial integrity from these risks. Celcom collaboration partner, FirstWave offers Cloud Email Security, a highly reliable, scalable, and richly-featured email security service with innovative cloud content security and analytics capabilities powered by FirstWave Cloud Technology’s ESP™ email software technology and Cisco-based ESA/Ironport & Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) technologies. Our Cloud Email Security technology secures inbound email from malware, ransomware, phishing, virus, and spam. It also detects advanced persistent threats such as spear phishing, whaling, typo domain and spoofing attacks.

What are the product features of Cloud Email Security?
You can add content policies and monitor the email and current threat reports for spam and virus using the Security application. You can apply the application to both inbound and outbound email channels.

  • Individual content filters applied to specific spam and virus detection methods
  • Blocks spam, viruses and malware before they reach the network and thus, protects the users
  • Uses the industry-leading Cisco Ironport technology
  • Ability to apply custom security policies and actions according to your unique business requirements
  • Apply to both inbound and outbound email channels with an ability to apply different security policies for inbound and outbound mails
  • Ability to create new policies on request
  • No limit on the number of filters

Who are the target customers?
Enterprise and Govt/GLC, Named SMB

What is the benefit to the customer?
With email still the number one threat vector for your customers, demand for email cloud security services is growing exponentially across the globe. The challenge is how to capture this opportunity quickly and cost-effectively, whilst not losing control of your customers. Introducing Cloud Email Security, a next level carrier-grade email security solution, developed for a world leading Telco and already protecting millions of email accounts around the world. This pure cloud solution is scalable, carrier grade, cloud-managed, and fully supported. It accelerates email security service customer deployments and gives you the flexibility to manage your customers to meet your managed service needs. The solution is a richly-featured email security service with innovative cloud content security capabilities powered by FirstWave Cloud Technology’s ESP and Cisco’s cloud-based Advanced Malware Protection technology.

When is the launch date for this program?
15 March 2019

What are the packages available for this program?

Package Type RRP Per User License Per Year
Inbound (Basic) License RM60.00
Inbound Advanced Protection License RM96.00
Inbound Advanced Protection, Advanced Image Analysis License RM132.00
Inbound/Outbound Advanced Protection License RM120.00
Inbound/Outbound Advanced Protection, Advanced Image Analysis License RM156.00

How do customers apply for this program?

  • via Enterprise or Named SMB Account Manager / SMB Dealers

How do customers start to use this service?

  • Customer will receive an email confirmation on account activation

What is the duration to activate the services?

  • Max 5 working day

Is there any upfront payment required for this program?

  • No.

Is there any software to install prior using the service?

  • No software installation required.

How to reset the password?

How to terminate the service?

  • Please contact Celcom Account Manager / SMB Dealers

Is there a minimum number of user license subscriptions required?

  • No, there are no minimum number of subscriptions required.

How does the payment works?

  • There will be a one-time Annual charge bill on next month after the subscription started.

How do we communicate to internal staff about this?

Internal CS Communication Centre
External Account Manager / Channel Manager

Who can customers call if there are enquiries or complaints?
Customer can email to support_fw@mindflow.com.my
cc to bizapps_support@celcom.com.my