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Over-The-Top (OTT) Mobile Content

OTT Mobile Content is the delivery of audio, video, and other media over the Internet, for example, our music streaming app, Yonder. Similarly, OTT messaging, such as our own Zipit Chat, provides instant messaging services as an alternative to text messaging services.
We offer OTT Mobile Content to both Postpaid and Prepaid customers.

We have six (6) OTT Mobile Content that you can choose from, namely Escape for movies, emomi365 for various mobile content downloads, Yonder for music streaming, Gamestore for mobile games, BigWin for mobile contests and Zipit Chat for instant messaging. Please refer detail description below:

  • ESCAPE is your personal entertainment space that offers the latest movies online. Stream your favourite blockbuster and Hollywood movies on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Also available is a wide array TV Series’, Malay language movies, Asian movies and more. To find out more on ESCAPE and how to register, click here.
  • emomi365 is a trusted mobile content store that provides users with easy access to download, share content and co-create for 365 days of celebrations. We offer you different contents such as; apps, music, videos, games stickerz and many more. To find out more, and to subscribe to the contents, click here.
  • Yonder Music is a mobile-only digital music service that provides users with free access to millions of songs they can download and play, all commercial-free. To find out more in Yonder Music click here.
  • Game Store is a mobile game store that lets you buy your favourite mobile games in the form of game clubs, paid games and free game (with in-app purchases). To find out more on our Game Store, click here. [Please note that this link can only be access thorugh mobile phone]
  • Big Win is a trusted contest site that offers fun and interactive contests to all! Customers can participate in various kinds of simple and interesting activities, while having the chance to win attractive prizes and rewards. All the contests run on this website are legal and legit, the delivery of prizes to you are confirmed and guaranteed. To find out more about Big Win, click here.

you can contact us at the following :

  • For ESCAPE, email us at support@celcomescape.com
  • For emomi365, email us at contactus@emomi365.com
  • For Yonder, you may submit a question within the Yonder application. Go to Help>Submit a question.
  • For Gamestore, email us at contactus@gamestore.com.my
  • For BigWin, email us at contactus@bigwin.com.my
Registration is free, but there may be a minimal subscription fee, depending on which OTT Mobile Content you are subscribing to.
Yes, the subscription fees will be automatically updated to your monthly bill.
You may see the list of the OTT content that you have subscribed/registered to via Online Customer Service (OCS).
Subscribing/registering to any of our OTT Mobile Content is only available through online or via your mobile phone.

For prepaid users, GST will not be applicable when you purchase OTT Mobile Content because GST has been paid upon reload.

For postpaid users, GST will be applicable when you purchase OTT content, and you will be able to view the total GST in your monthly statement.

If you make a direct payment (e.g. via credit card) the GST will be displayed upon payment.