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Switch to Celcom

MNP is the ability for users to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining their existing mobile number. For example if you would like to switch to Celcom from another Telco while retaining your current number, you can walk in to our Celcom store and meet with our friendly Customer Service Consultant. You can find our store by using our store locator: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/helpsupport/findastore

Please ensure the following before you switch to Celcom:

  • No overdue/outstanding amount.
  • No outstanding contract obligations.
  • Supplementary number(s) need to be ported together with Principal number.
  • Service subscriptions with additional number(s) issued to the account (e.g. data, fax and other value added services must be migrated).
  • Credit Limit is not exceeded.
  • Account is still active.

Please refer to the following steps:

  • Visit any of our service centre or authorised dealer to request for port-in.
  • Fill in a service registration form and you will be given a new SIM card.
  • Upon approval, the new mobile service provider will inform you that you have successfully ported when the new SIM card is activated.

Please note that the duration of port-in for consumers (individual registration), will take within 1-5 days and for Non-Consumers (Enterprise), within 1-15 days.

You can port-in at any Celcom store nearest to you. To find the nearest stores, please click this link: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/helpsupport/findastore

For Postpaid, you may refer to your previous Telco for any refund of credit balance.

As for Prepaid, your credit balance will be forfeited once you port-in in successful.

Yes definitely, it will be carried forward. Even better, you may request for new services from us.

Switching to Celcom is free of charge.
Yes, you will receive SMS notifications to notify you on the status of your port-in request.
No, there will be no service interruption during the port-in process.
If your port-in request is still in process, it can be cancelled. Please visit the Celcom's store where the port-out request was made or call our contact centre for your further action.
At the moment, port-in status will only be sent to you through SMS.