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Value Added Services

VAS are additional services offered by us beyond the basic services like Calls, SMS and Data.

CMT is a service where you can entertain your callers with the current and latest hit songs. There are three (3) ways for you to subscribe to CMT:

  • You may subscribe via SMS by typing "ON CMT" and send it to 22990
  • You may also subscribe via USSD. Just dial *323# and pick a song from the menu.
  • Lastly, you may call 1-300-990-990 for assistance

To unsubscribe, there are two (2) ways available to you:

  • Dial *323# > Manage My CMT > My Album > (Song Name) > Delete Or;
  • Dial *323# > Manage My CMT > Unsubscribe All

Celcom AirCash is a virtual account where it can be used to perform electronic money transactions.

To register with Celcom AirCash: https://aircash.celcom.com.my/aircash/How_to_register.html

We have a new service called Phone Care. It is offered to Celcom Postpaid and Prepaid customers which allows you to swap or replace your device for any reason. For further information click here: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/services/phonecare
You can use the Airtime Share service that allows Celcom Prepaid and Postpaid customers to transfer credit anytime, anywhere via SMS or USSD. For more information click here: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/services/airtime

If you are a Prepaid user:

  • You need to utilise RM10 of your airtime and you have to wait within 24 hours before you can do the airtime transfer
  • Your account must be active
  • You must have sufficient airtime balance
  • Registration is required for amounts above RM10

If you are a Postpaid user:

  • Length of stay with Celcom must be more than 6 months
  • Account must be active without outstanding bill
  • You must have sufficient credit limit

PCBS (previously known as IMEI Blocking) is an extended service provided by Celcom to disable a lost/stolen device from making/receiving calls, sending/receiving SMS and accessing a data network within the Celcom network.

On the other hand, SIM Blocking is a service to block the usage/charges to the mobile number.

For further information click here: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/services/pcbs#

To change the IVR to your preferred language, just follow the instructions given when you call our Contact Centre at 0196011111. Language selection is as below:

  • Press '1' for English
  • Press '2' for Bahasa Malaysia
  • Press '3' for Chinese
  • Press '4' for Tamil