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How Does it Work


Borderless Communication

The revolutionary telecommunication solution lets you stay conveniently connected anytime and anywhere.

Cost Savings

No need for investment in premise based equipment. Stay connected for FREE for On-Net calls within employee.

Flexibility, Mobility & Convenience

Support mobile workforce for productive human resources capital, quick responses to business needs and remain competitive.

Real Time Access to Valuable Data

Allows real-time access to information delivering a competitive edge and more responsiveness.

Dedicated Mobile Main Number

The system routes the calls to the appropriate mobile phones.

Completely Scalable

Scale up when your company grows or down if you need to without burning a hole in your pocket.

The wonders of VirtuExt™:

How a VirtuExt™ can transform your day.

How a VirtuExt™ can transform your day.

Rely on our servers and make yourself available always - wherever you are!

  • Bridges multiple locations without any hardware
    Let employees work wherever is best for them, but keep them fully integrated into your business phone system without paying for any extra hardware or tie lines
  • Reliability that won't quit
    If your phone system is down, you're out of business. Every minute of downtime can man thousands lost in sales and goodwill. Virtual PBX® doesn't just back your data so it can be restored in an emergency - it also works to eliminate downtime through built-in redundancy and fault tolerance as well.
  • Call logs and real-time system monitoring
    Instantly know what's happening at all times - today, yesterday, even last week - thanks to this efficient business phone system. Tweak your organization as needed to provide the very best service to your customers. All conveniently from your laptop switchboard.
  • Transfer calls between extensions
    It may sound straightforward, but many virtual business phone systems can't handle this simple task. A virtual PBX® system will allow you to transfer calls other employees, to the operator, to an ACD queue, directly to your voicemail, or to any outside number of your choice.