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M2M Connected Services

Our M2M Connected Services offer our partners with a secure, controlled and tiered access based on the nature of your business. From monitoring to management of your M2M business, this platform provides higher returns to your business as well as peace of mind.

With a user-friendly 'self-service' interface, our M2M Connected Services allows authorised users quick and easy access for the following:

  • Online monitoring and management of the SIM status of active or inactive.
  • Monitoring the status of the SIM.
  • View data usage of the SIM with almost real-time.
  • Alert notification data usage to avoid over charge.

M2M Applications

Benefits of the M2M Connected Services

  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Better User Experience
  • Self-Service
  • Latest Plan Offering Visibility
  • Full Control of Services (activate / deactivate / COBP)
  • Executive report
  • Detail report
  • Near Real-Time Billing
  • Usage Alerts notification
  • Near Real-time Data Usage Monitoring
  • No "Shock Bill"

Be our Partner

As a network that is constantly evolving to achieve excellence in innovation and maximum results to our customers, Celcom welcomes like minded partners to help create new opportunities and revenue streams for an organisation's business.