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Wireless ATM Solution

Are you spending more money and time deploying ATMs to new and remote locations? Eliminate this problem with wireless ATM solution, a wireless technology that is developed to meet changing needs, requirements and demands of the 21st century!

The key to successfully deploying wireless technology architecture in retail banking and financial services is by selecting the appropriate technology and services to meet changing needs, requirements and customer demands.

Ending ATM Lockdown

Traditionally, automated teller machine (ATM) transactions have been transferred via wireline connection, making placement and relocation expensive and time consuming for financial institutions.

However, that is all about to change. At Celcom, we saw the need for a cost-effective and time-saving method to deploy ATMs in new and remote locations wirelessly. Together with our business partner, we are enabling ATM transaction processing with industry-standard encryption over wireless networks for fast and easy ATM installation, operation and relocation.

As a result, financial institutions will have an ideal, cost-effective method for moving ATMs to remote events or new locations, to be closer to customers.

What you get is up to 30% to 50% savings, easy & fast deployment and relocation, fast turnaround time and 24 hours network operation center monitoring.

An Overview

Retail banks and other financial institutions today are undergoing many structural challenges; increasing operational costs, and growing competition, resulting in financial institutions exploring new ways to remain competitive.

One of the areas where banks and financial institutions can seek new ways to lower operational costs and yet attract and retain customers is through emerging mobile technology.

By deploying a wireless technology infrastructure, we are able to provide retail banks and financial institutions with a model for improving organizational efficiencies, hastening speed to market and better serving customers.

The mobile and wireless market is widely considered to be one of the fastest growing markets in the world as it continues to grow at a rapid pace. Mobile technology can accelerate potential gains to reduce costs, mitigate potential risks and foster long-term growth opportunities. Wireless is not just about supporting technology in retail banking and financial services; it plays a central role in many business processes.

Challenges of Fixed-line Infrastructure

One of the challenges of Fixed-line infrastructure is that it requires significant costs and resources for installation and setup. It also imposes structural changes to the building or facility in an effort to extend cable wires to individual workspaces. Furthermore, with fixed-line there are increasing risks of physical security breaches which can threaten a network.

All this can be eliminated with wireless technology as we look into the advantages of wireless technology.