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The Advantages of Wireless Technology

With the Custom Network Solutions, it enhances wireless security for more flexible connectivity which basically means expanded ATM implementation.

Furthermore, you will see an increase in revenue and a reduction in cost, with the easy deployment of ATM locations with ATM solutions without compromising on security of transaction processing. This allows you to conveniently set up ATMs anywhere without worry of the availability of fized-lines and securities which will lead to reduced costs as you can now avoid any costly set up and maintenance fees. This way you are not limited to a particular location but can now literally place your ATMs anywhere and everywhere.

Lastly, this will enhance customer's experience. Your ability to provide customers with a higher level of service in real time will increase customer satisfaction which will then load to a strengthened trust that will build into a long-term relationship. Ultimately, you would want to reach to as many of your customers as you can and with wireless technology, you can reach hard to reach and remote locations and be that much closer to your customers, providing them with convenience and accessibility.

How does wireless technology benefit your business?

Wireless technology solutions easily integrate new services and channels, allowing banks and financial institutions to embrace the full potential of wireless services. This improves operational efficiency; reduce costs and offers advanced value services to customers.

One of the key benefits of implementing wireless technology and migrating away from expensive fixed-line infrastructure is the short and long-term cost savings associated with the technology. Simplified network configurations and reduced number of hard-wired phone result in cost savings with fewer IT hours in the initial setup and routine troubleshooting.

Furthermore, connecting to a Virtual Private Network wirelessly is much more secure than a fixed-line network due to the inherent security of 3G network encryption.

However, building and maintaining customer relationships is perhaps the most important when implementing wireless technology in the financial services industry. Providing customers with greater visibility together with a high level of customer service builds trust and improves customer experience.

Wireless technology is also emerging at an accelerated rate and maintaining the status quo with wireline infrastructure will eventually prove to be cost prohibitive for banks and financial institutions. Therefore with the continued growth and preference of the wireless market, these businesses must adapt in order to be able to provide the latest technology and better service to customers as wireless technology allows fast and easy access to data, provides comprehensive model for security and possesses a flexible, scalable architecture that can meet changing workforces, customer needs and requirements.

Wireless & Fixed-line Comparison

Wireless Solutions from Celcom Fixed-line
Deployment Less than 3 days(once the connectivity platform implemented) Rigid
Cost Saving per OPA/annum From 30% to 50%(with managed service & support)
Location Anywhere with flexibility Rigid
Coverage Anywhere Limited
Ad-hoc / Event Setup / Launch / Seminar Within a week, Very Low Cost, Anywhere Weeks/Months, High Cost, Limited location
Monthly Reports Yes Yes
Requirement No cabling requirement Require cabling