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Frequently Asked Questions

In Web UI interface, under “Profile” tabs press “Edit” button to change your password.
No, as an End User you may use your existing mobile phone to enjoy the service since this application does not require any additional investment on hardware or software.

There are two ways to display your company Main Number;

  1. In Web UI, select the “Display Main Number” box.
  2. Add 7 at the front mobile number you wish to dial. E.g. 019-1234567.

Simply dial ‹ 70191234567 ›

There are 3 users category:

  • Attendant - As a company operator / receptionist or department selected personnel to manage and control over some important virtual-service. In the other words, an Attendant is someone who helps caller to gets the person they are calling. This person will have to work closely with VirtuExt™ SwitchBoard interface to perform call transfer, call holding, manage incoming call queue, call conference administrator and lot more functions which will be describe further in this document
  • End User - Normal VirtuExt™ users. Simply notify your designated Celcom Enterprise Business Manager to enable your employee mobile phone into this system. All your employees need is a valid voice plan from Celcom Enterprise and this system can work with any GSM or 3G mobile phone. They will be assigned with Mobile Extension Number and password to access the VirtuExt™ interface to configure their daily use of virtual profile.
  • Enterprise Admin - Responsible for managing the company VirtuExt™ service strategies. No specific IT specialist knowledge are require to operate this system as this WEB interface is easy-to-use and user-friendly experience allowing the user to interact in natural and intuitive way.
This Interface is accessible by Enterprise Admin, Attendant and End User. Click Here to access your Web User Interface.

It’s important to preset the profile over the Web UI (User Interface) before you use the other option.

There are 3 types of UI for VirtuExt™ users.

  1. SMS - ‹type desire profile number› ‹send to 21112› E.g. User wishes to change to Personal Hunt Group profile. In your mobile, go to send new SMS, type ‹10› send to ‹21112›.
  2. IVR - 019-3000922
  3. Web UI (User Interface) - Go to “Profile” tabs, select the desire profile from the drop down list.

This step is for the following users;

  • Attendant - To logout or login from the Web SwitchBoard.
  • End User - For user that select “Show Main Number as caller” and “Follow login/logout” option only.

Dial 019-3000933 to login and dial again to logout.

Minimum 3 and maximum 20 participants at one time are allowable during the conference call with VirtuExt™ platform.
The conference recording is unlimited.
The conference originator can download the recorded file at Web UI under “Conference” tabs.

User has 24 hours to download the recorded file. SMS notification will be sent 1 hour before VirtuExt™ platform purge the file.


  1. The file cannot be retrieved after platform purged the audio file.
  2. Audio file is in “.wav” format.

You can setup Conference in two ways;

Inbound Conference

  • Under “Conference” tabs, select the date, time and duration.
  • Press “Reserve” to retrieve your conference PIN.
  • Copy the conference PIN and distribute it together with Conference Bridge number (0193000988) to the participants via SMS or Email.

Outbound Conference

  • Under “Conference” tabs, select your desire conference participant as follows;
  • Web UI - drop down list for employees or select”External” if you wish to invite non VirtuExt™ users.
  • Java Client UI - Select the employee name from the “Contact” list and press “Add” or simply enter mobile number at “Add Number” column.
The Inbound Conference number is 0193000988
Access to Conference Call is define by your Enterprise Admin or based on service subscription by your company.
The Enterprise Admin can access the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistic while the Attendant can view the daily call and SMS log only.