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Work from anywhere and still receive all your important calls

If your company is already handling a lot of calls, you're going to need VirtuExt™ services to keep up with this. VirtuExt™ services offer impressive features for your business needs while keeping costs tightly under control. Take a look at some of the features of the business phone system that has it all, catered especially for you.


VirtuExt™ is a wireless telephony solution that offers useful features for your changing business demands. Managed by a user-friendly interface, all VirtuExt™ functionalities allow total control and easy access from anywhere you like.

VirtuExt™ features:

  • Real-time presentation status
  • Real time user status
  • Prioritize calls (VIP Queue)
  • Profile Management
  • CLIP Display Option
  • Multi level private numbering plans
  • Availability conrol via user status and presence
  • Call history
  • Web Based Switchboard
  • Time Management
  • Report Statistics
  • Conference Call
  • Hunt Group
  • Contact Management
  • Call diversion to switchboard and secretary
  • Corporate main numbers
  • Self Service configure via web, IVR and SMS
  • Java based switchboard application